“All of Everything”- Todd Oldham

Designer Todd Oldham burst onto the New York fashion landscape in 1989 and blazed a spirited trail throughout the next decade with his scrupulously constructed garments, featuring extravagant embellishments and raucous color combinations. This weekend I finally got the chance to visit the RISD Museum in Providence, RI where Oldham’s All of Everything exhibit is on display featuring his exuberant style and playful aesthetic of his runway opus of the 1990’s.


“We were always throwing curve balls,” Oldham recalls. “I felt I had something to say and it was meaningful and had duality and juxtaposition.”




Drawn from the Todd Oldham Studio archives, All of Everything features more than 65 full ensembles – from Oldham’s Swarovski crystal-encrusted feats of craftsmanship to his Pantone non-repeating print designs. Oldham’s intensive design process is further revealed through his original artwork (shown above) while projections of runway video footage illustrate the full creative endeavor of his fashion shows. These shows were among the first to feature Africa-American and ingenue talents such as Cindy Crawford, Christy Burlington, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Tyra Banks.


Fun Fact: The first dress pictured (below) is from Oldham’s Spring 1998 collection based on a taxi driver’s turban that was coming undone. The patterns are a hybrid of ancient Japanese embroidery patterns and preppy hair ribbons. Many of the pearls and beads nestled in the thread work are hundreds of years old.



My two personal favorites from the exhibit were this colorful beaded set, and the dress below paired with bangles made to look like everyday items, such as combs.



I highly recommend a trip to see Todd Oldham’s exhibit before it’s gone, and seeing how it’s being featured until September 11, 2016 you have NO excuses! Also, head over to my Instagram for a close up video of the featured yellow dress!


XO, Victoria

Part III: Graffiti Alley

The team ended the photoshoot in a spot I quickly fell in love with… the Graffiti Alley. Staying true to its name, the alley located off of Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge was covered in colorful street art.




Again, photographer J.Tyler worked her magic, and used the afternoon light to create some stunning silhouette and black and white images.




Completing the set was a long stemmed sunflower from Central Florist, which added a pop of color to my black romper and the splash of summer I craved for all winter.




Flowers/Plants: @centralsquareflorist | www.centralsquareflorist.com

Makeup Artist:@sydneytess_ | sydneytess@gmail.com

Photography: @dakotalenoxphoto | www.dakotalenoxphoto.com


Until the next adventure…

XO, Victoria

Part II: We Love Street Art

Continuing our adventure in Cambridge we roamed the street searching for our next location, and instead of finding one, photographer J.Tyler continued to shoot.



It was one of the first beautiful spring days. Local artists flooded the streets, decorating the  exterior walls of the buildings.




My favorite part about visiting a city is walking around and getting a feel of the life that transpires around the hustle and bustle.



Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses… literally.






Flowers/Plants: @centralsquareflorist | www.centralsquareflorist.com

Makeup Artist:@sydneytess_ | sydneytess@gmail.com

Interior Location: @cafelunacentral | www.cafeluna-centralsq.com

Photography: @dakotalenoxphoto | www.dakotalenoxphoto.com


XO, Victoria

Part I: Cappuccinos and Succulents

For those of you who have been wondering where I’ve been, BIG THINGS have been happening in my life. This past week I’ve finally said goodbye to my college years and received my B.A. in Public Relations and Studio Art (another post to come)!

So when Boston Photographer J. Tyler emailed me to collaborate on a photoshoot with Cafe Luna and Central Square Florist I jumped at the idea! It was nice to take a break from my hectic life (5 classes, 2 jobs, and an internship…I don’t know how I did it) and just enjoy working with like minded people to create beautiful images. I also brought my friend Sydney along for some company and to do my makeup.


We started at Cafe Luna located on 403 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. The front of the cafe was open to the street, sunshine streaming in, and the flowers placed in front of me were mesmerizing.


The cappuccino was delicious! 


While J.Tyler snapped away, one of the  Cafe Luna workers brought over a colorful salad from their menu to complete the table.


Have I told you about my obsession with succulents? 


Flowers/Plants: @centralsquareflorist | www.centralsquareflorist.com

Makeup Artist:@sydneytess_ | sydneytess@gmail.com

Interior Location: @cafelunacentral | www.cafeluna-centralsq.com

Photography: @dakotalenoxphoto | www.dakotalenoxphoto.com

Don’t worry… there is more to come!

XO, Victoria



BTS with Photographer J. Tyler

Last Thursday I got the chance to travel to Cambridge, MA (right outside of Boston)  with my friend Sydney Tess and work with photographer Jackie Tyler, Cafe Luna, and Central Square Florist!

Although I don’t have those pictures to show you yet, I have some BTS pictures from the shoot that were TOO good not to share with you!

Lets just I was in heaven. 


We also made some friends along the way…


….One of which invited us up to the roof!


I also got to carry around this beautiful bouquet from Central Square Florist!


More pictures to come!

XO, Victoria


Night 2: Season 12 of StyleWeek


Starting Wednesday night was designer Bianca Jones Pearson of Clothes Horse Clothing! Bianca made her StyleWeek debut during Season 11, and was back for more! I first met Bianca in the press pit 3 seasons ago (?) and was immediately drawn to her bohemian chic style. Her business has grown like wildfire since, and her newest collection just shows how far she has come!

clothes horse clothing


My must have piece(s) from this collection: Faux Pink Fur Coat & Printed Jumper 1of139(77of139)




The next two designers were new to the StyleWeek roster this season. TANGOELLA by Ella Tang was filled with looks that showcased the texture and details of each fabric. My favorite look is the middle one right below. I could see myself wearing this outfit (boots and choker included). I also really loved the styling… who doesn’t love a high pony?





The bottom of this red dress can be removed to create a short, cocktail dress, capable of turning heads and stopping hearts! 1of166(123of166)


Closing Wednesday night was designer Aiste Zitnikaite with her line DEVINTO. Aiste’s story is fascinating. Born in Lithuania, she immigrated to Canada at the age of 12. While working in Montreal she realized apparel companies were outsourcing product oversees and losing the connection to the hands on approach to production. Ever since Aiste has been on a mission to build back the personal connection with clothes, and do away with “disposable” fashion.


Aiste’s collection took the usual staple pieces in your wardrobe and gave them a twist….

Must have from the collection: This dress paired with textured tights! 1of161(26of161)



Wednesday night I also got the pleasure to meet Refinery29 writer Liz Black. Besides writing for Refinery29 she has her own blog called P.S. It’s Fashion.


Liz also showed me her badass “pussy” pouch (the gold bag in the picture). I finally got to introduce myself to the designer, Rachel Feinberg of DAMNsel, on Thursday!


Check back for a recap of the third night!

XO, Victoria


*All runway pictures are courtesy of Myke Yeager, the rest are my own

** My faux fur vest is from Zara 

Opening Night Season 12 StyleWeek

Opening night of StyleWeek was nothing short of amazing! It will take me a few days to catch up on photo editing, the press, and sleep (nothing short of a miracle this next week), but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Running on caffeine and adrenaline is what we PR chicks (and gents) and fashion bloggers do!


Opening the runway shows was Evolue Apparel by Susan Zemaitis. I finally got to meet Susan before the show, and she was nothing but sweet, bouncing around backstage, laughing with JJP ready to open the night! Susan made the transition to a StyleWeek veteran designer this season, and her collection showed it! While her designs were still structured, she was more playful with fabric including print, and perforated leather. You can enjoy 40% her newest collection during the rest of the week, so head over to her website ASAP!






The second designer, Jeffrey Dickerson was also new to the Styleweek roster last season. It is amazing to see these designers grow more confident and show their personality on the runway. Lover of all things Lady Gaga, Jeffrey played with sparkles and zippers in unexpected places. I also know of a certain someone in the press pit who wanted one of your dresses for prom…!




My MUST have piece from this collection: (The necklace makes the look!)1of192(38of192)

The third designer to show on opening night was Elan Rose presented by The Martini Factory. Elan was the first new designer to show during Season 12, and the crowd was amazed as the line of modest wear came down the runway. It was a nice reminder that a woman can be beautiful and sexy and doesn’t necessarily have to show skin. The headpieces were also stunning.




Closing opening night of Season 12 was returning designer Susan Troy. After taking a hiatus Susan was back and seemed to be more excited than ever. She even handed out high-fives to the crowd as her models made their final walk! Her collection featured blues, greens, and neutrals, while spicing things up with wide band necklaces and belts that tied in the back. Can I get one of those necklaces please?




*All runway pictures are courtesy of Myke Yeager, all BOH pictures watermarked were taken by Cat Laine. The rest are my own.


And we can’t forget about the outfit pictures….

My bag is Kent Stetson, and boots from a vintage shop in SOHO!


I’ll have the second night up soon!

XO, Victoria

Fashion Etiquette for StyleWeek


(I guess me?) should write this post.

Here are a few “rules” to follow while attending the shows…

Rule #1 

Make sure to have your check in information ready. This process it vital to making sure you get the correct seat! (It also makes our FOH super happy!)


Rule #2 

Be friendly!

Some of you may find this to come more natural than others. We’re all here for the same reason so check your ego at the door. Maybe even flash a smile? *Picture by Cat Laine

Nicole Dion Ursch and Allie Williams. © Cat Laine

Rule #3 

Listen to staff.

We’re here to make sure you have the best experience possible and that the shows run smoothly. If you listen, it makes our jobs a hell of a lot easier.


Rule #4 

Be there on time.

Fashion waits for no ONE. You snooze you lose.

Rule #5

Stay hydrated.

Yes, there is alcohol. Yes, there is also water too. Which leads me to…


Rule #6 

Don’t spill your cocktail on the runway. Please?

Rule #7

Don’t get up in the middle of a show! (Or between shows if instructed.)

We might have back-to-back shows so please stay seated.

Rule #8

Network like a MO*FO. Rule 8.5- Introduce yourself to me!


Rule #9

Take a million pictures and upload them to social media using the hashtags #styleweek #swneFEB2016  and #weareallpearls

Which reminds me. Make sure you’re following us on IG, TWITTER, AND FB!


Rule #10

Enjoy the moment.

StyleWeek always goes by in a blur. Soak it all in. Because it will sadly be over before you know it and then you’ll be having withdrawals. *Picture by Myke Yeager 


I know I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

See you all tomorrow!!!



THE Hits and Miss at NYFW 2016



Just when many people are ready to give up on New York Fashion week- along comes Marc to restore your faith. With a ping of a bell, the first model’s shadow crossed the white backdrop. From the fight sight of her gothy make-up, foot-high platforms, and crocheted doily collars we were in for a show!

Not to mention the shrunken band-concert sweatshirts, 65 heavily embellished, maniacally layered, and mostly black looks, (1 being Lady Gaga), and the references and flashbacks to previous collections, this was by far my favorite show and work of art.


Rag & Bone-HIT


Between the top-notch soundtrack provided by Thom Yorke and the two lineups, male and female, that modeled this seasons looks, this collection was sending out positive energy!

David Neville and Marcus Wainwright were openly reappropriating themselves, staging a remix of motifs long familiar to their brand. Although the motocross theme was announced via splashy tees and leather jackets, it’s worth noting that the show marked one of the few times Neville and Wainwright showed denim on their runway.



As Jeremy Scott says in the video, I love how she can make something very urban and street, and elevate it and make it elegant, or she can take something elegant and give a touch of rebellion and swagger. She can take on all take on all different looks and still have her DNA on it.


Calvin Klein- RISING STAR


For his first 10 years at Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa was a minimalist- a lover of neutrals, unadorned surfaces, and architectural silhouettes. However, something shifted last season; there were flower prints and body jewelry-and the collection got a lot of attention.

The Fall collection, which was almost as strong as the Spring collection began with sharp head-to-toe black tailoring. From there print resurfaced as mix-and-match plaids on sturdy wool outerwear and suiting. However, the most intriguing idea was Costa’s work with body jewelry. Swapping out last season’s chains for crystals, he suspended small polished stones in several small cutouts across the bodice of dresses. Although some of the leather pieces looked a bit heavy, Costa get points for pushing his aesthetic forward.



Alexander Wang -MISS


This season, Alexander Wang mixed tweed and metal-pierced leather; the skirt suits and coat dresses were the most surprising elements of the collection, and what seem to be the crowd favorite.

As for the declarative captions “girls,” “strict,” “tender” -displayed across chests and wrapped around thighs, were almost as much Barbara Kruger as they were Supreme. Although sloganeering is rampant across fashion at the moment, the captions seemed to be one step up from logos, and they served the same essential purpose of brand identifying on social media. Wang seemed to lean on them too heavily.


XO, Victoria

Queen B’s Fashion is as Powerful as her Politics

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 4.00.45 PM_zpsx1s09ol2

Paying homage to her Creole roots, Beyonce’s new single “Formation” stands as one of her most politically progressive and fashion-forward statements yet. Tracing the roots of Louisiana culture from the post-abolition era to present day, Beyonce goes through the evolution of the city’s vibrant style and it tumultuous history.

Waisting no time getting to the issues, Bey begins on top of a New Orleans police car in red-and-white Gucci high-color dress and combat boots. She sits among the ruins of Hurricane Katrina, immediately implanting herself in the biggest national debate on police brutality and race relations in modern day.



Speaking of Gucci, Beyonce also flaunted the designer in this paster color combo. This look is straight from the Gucci S/S 2016 collection!



Bey is also seen wearing a tiered long sleeve lace piece from the Alessandra Rich S/S 2016 collection, and a Chanel hat!


Continuing with the cultural debate surrounding her own racial and cultural identity head-on, she wears a red maroon puff-smoldered bodysuit as a turn-of-the-century “redbone” and signs a self-affirming message of black beauty.

“I like my Negro nose with  Jackson 5 nostrils.”


My favorite look had to be when Beyonce was standing in front of a dilapidated mansion, sneering at and flicks off naysayers from under the brief a large black chapeau, her waist accentuated under the layers of a floor-length corseted ball gown. The ensemble was all vintage!



And if you thought feminism was no longer at the forefront of her mind, then think again. Consider the anthem of togetherness, “Let’s get in formation,” and the artillery of black female dancers dressed in head-to-toe Gucci monogrammed looks.



She also sneaks in a Zimmermann S/S 2016 dress, and corset by Palace Vintage!


Who else but Queen B can hang out of a car while doing doughnuts in a parking lot while rocking a Fendi fur? Bey’s all white bodysuit in this scene is by Rosie Assoulin.


Hair swinging in the wind she proclaims, “I slayyyyyyyyyy!” -Well doesn’t she? 



What do you think about the new video? Leave your comments below!

XO, Victoria