THE Hits and Miss at NYFW 2016



Just when many people are ready to give up on New York Fashion week- along comes Marc to restore your faith. With a ping of a bell, the first model’s shadow crossed the white backdrop. From the fight sight of her gothy make-up, foot-high platforms, and crocheted doily collars we were in for a show!

Not to mention the shrunken band-concert sweatshirts, 65 heavily embellished, maniacally layered, and mostly black looks, (1 being Lady Gaga), and the references and flashbacks to previous collections, this was by far my favorite show and work of art.


Rag & Bone-HIT


Between the top-notch soundtrack provided by Thom Yorke and the two lineups, male and female, that modeled this seasons looks, this collection was sending out positive energy!

David Neville and Marcus Wainwright were openly reappropriating themselves, staging a remix of motifs long familiar to their brand. Although the motocross theme was announced via splashy tees and leather jackets, it’s worth noting that the show marked one of the few times Neville and Wainwright showed denim on their runway.



As Jeremy Scott says in the video, I love how she can make something very urban and street, and elevate it and make it elegant, or she can take something elegant and give a touch of rebellion and swagger. She can take on all take on all different looks and still have her DNA on it.


Calvin Klein- RISING STAR


For his first 10 years at Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa was a minimalist- a lover of neutrals, unadorned surfaces, and architectural silhouettes. However, something shifted last season; there were flower prints and body jewelry-and the collection got a lot of attention.

The Fall collection, which was almost as strong as the Spring collection began with sharp head-to-toe black tailoring. From there print resurfaced as mix-and-match plaids on sturdy wool outerwear and suiting. However, the most intriguing idea was Costa’s work with body jewelry. Swapping out last season’s chains for crystals, he suspended small polished stones in several small cutouts across the bodice of dresses. Although some of the leather pieces looked a bit heavy, Costa get points for pushing his aesthetic forward.



Alexander Wang -MISS


This season, Alexander Wang mixed tweed and metal-pierced leather; the skirt suits and coat dresses were the most surprising elements of the collection, and what seem to be the crowd favorite.

As for the declarative captions “girls,” “strict,” “tender” -displayed across chests and wrapped around thighs, were almost as much Barbara Kruger as they were Supreme. Although sloganeering is rampant across fashion at the moment, the captions seemed to be one step up from logos, and they served the same essential purpose of brand identifying on social media. Wang seemed to lean on them too heavily.


XO, Victoria

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