Night 2: Season 12 of StyleWeek


Starting Wednesday night was designer Bianca Jones Pearson of Clothes Horse Clothing! Bianca made her StyleWeek debut during Season 11, and was back for more! I first met Bianca in the press pit 3 seasons ago (?) and was immediately drawn to her bohemian chic style. Her business has grown like wildfire since, and her newest collection just shows how far she has come!

clothes horse clothing


My must have piece(s) from this collection: Faux Pink Fur Coat & Printed Jumper 1of139(77of139)




The next two designers were new to the StyleWeek roster this season. TANGOELLA by Ella Tang was filled with looks that showcased the texture and details of each fabric. My favorite look is the middle one right below. I could see myself wearing this outfit (boots and choker included). I also really loved the styling… who doesn’t love a high pony?





The bottom of this red dress can be removed to create a short, cocktail dress, capable of turning heads and stopping hearts! 1of166(123of166)


Closing Wednesday night was designer Aiste Zitnikaite with her line DEVINTO. Aiste’s story is fascinating. Born in Lithuania, she immigrated to Canada at the age of 12. While working in Montreal she realized apparel companies were outsourcing product oversees and losing the connection to the hands on approach to production. Ever since Aiste has been on a mission to build back the personal connection with clothes, and do away with “disposable” fashion.


Aiste’s collection took the usual staple pieces in your wardrobe and gave them a twist….

Must have from the collection: This dress paired with textured tights! 1of161(26of161)



Wednesday night I also got the pleasure to meet Refinery29 writer Liz Black. Besides writing for Refinery29 she has her own blog called P.S. It’s Fashion.


Liz also showed me her badass “pussy” pouch (the gold bag in the picture). I finally got to introduce myself to the designer, Rachel Feinberg of DAMNsel, on Thursday!


Check back for a recap of the third night!

XO, Victoria


*All runway pictures are courtesy of Myke Yeager, the rest are my own

** My faux fur vest is from Zara 

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